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Welcome to the HRSA Data Warehouse

HRSA Data Warehouse Icon The HRSA Data Warehouse (HDW) serves as the enterprise repository for HRSA data. The data are updated frequently and are integrated with external information and data sources, enabling users to gather relevant and meaningful information about health care programs and the populations they serve.

The data warehouse allows users to explore, interact with, and export data through charts, maps, reports, analyzer and locator tools, data downloads and data services, widgets, and the data portal.

The HDW is used by the public, HRSA professionals, grantees, health care providers and other audiences interested in HRSA’s public health services and information.

HRSA in Your State Data Explorer – Active Grants

District of Columbia Total Active Grant $
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Based on Funds Awarded
Lowest $ map $ scale:dark orange=lowest $, light orange=second lowest $, cream=middle $, light blue=second highest $, dark blue=highest $; Highest $

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Data in the HDW are associated with one or more topic areas such as grants, health professionals, and shortage areas. Select a topic to begin exploring the data.

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Most data in the HDW can be viewed by geographic area: nation, HHS region, state, county, congressional district, or ZIP Code. Get an overview of HRSA’s investments in your area.

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Most data in the HDW can be viewed in multiple ways – charts, data tables, maps, and preformatted reports. Select a tool below to begin to explore the data.

What’s New

New Scholarships and Loans Topic Area

The Data Warehouse has added a brand new topic area to promote HRSA's programs that encourage and enable clinicians to work in underserved areas. Also, a new dataset for the NURSE Corp Scholarship Program has been added.