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HRSA has thousands of active grants worth billions of dollars to improve and expand health care services for underserved people, focusing on the following program areas: Health Professions, Healthcare Systems, HIV/AIDS, Maternal and Child Health, Office of the Administrator, Organ Donation, Primary Health Care/Health Centers, and Rural Health. An active grant is a grant whose project period end date is beyond the current date. Grants can be active whether or not they have received an award funding in the current fiscal year.

The HRSA Data Warehouse (HDW) allows users to interact with data in charts, tables/reports, maps, and tools. Visit the Data Sources page for more information about where grants data is available in the data warehouse.

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Display high-level summary information about HRSA’s activities and can be used as a starting point for obtaining more detailed information.

Data Table

Summary table of key HRSA activities at the national level.

CategoryItemValueAs Of
GrantsActive Grants7,05006/29/2016
  --> Grantees with Active Grants2,93906/29/2016
  --> Total Funding to Active Grants$ 18,537,462,16806/29/2016
  --> Current FY Awards (to date, all grants)$ 7,740,234,62006/29/2016
  --> Previous FY Awards (complete FY, all grants)$ 8,889,428,75706/29/2016



Data Portal and Preformatted Reports

Select, sort, export and view available data by spreadsheet or preformatted reports.

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Visually explore HRSA-specific information, health resources, and demographic data.

Map Gallery

Some maps will be retired from the map gallery in July 2016. For more information, please see the Map Gallery page.

Easy access to preformatted, non-interactive maps supplied in PDF format.

The Active Grants maps show the locations of HRSA grantees that currently have active grants. Available maps include all active HRSA grants and active grants administered by HRSA bureaus and offices by program.

EHB Active HRSA Grants
EHB Active BHPr Grants
EHB Active BPHC Grants
EHB Active HAB Grants
EHB Active MCHB Grants
EHB Active ORHP Grants
EHB Active HS Grants
EHB Active HSBC76 Grants

Quick Maps

Simple, interactive maps intended for viewing current data at the national, regional, or state level.

  • As of June 29, 2016, in FY 2016 (Current FY), HRSA has awarded $7,739,442,927 through 2,329 grantees
  • As of June 29, 2016, there are 2,938 active HRSA grantees receiving $18,531,466,653 in total funding
  • In FY 2015 (previous FY), HRSA has awarded $8,886,599,928 through 2,806 grantees