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The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) helps bring health care to the most vulnerable and underserved populations, by placing health care professionals in designated areas of need. The NHSC builds healthy communities by connecting primary health care providers to areas with limited access to medical care. This is achieved by awarding scholarships and loan repayment to primary care providers in NHSC disciplines (medical, dental, and mental health) who commit to serving at NHSC-approved sites in these areas of need.

The HRSA Data Warehouse (HDW) allows users to interact with data in charts, tables/reports, maps, and tools. Visit the Data Sources page for more information about where NHSC data is available in the HDW. These data sets include NHSC Job Opportunities, NHSC Providers, and approved NHSC sites.

Data Table

Summary table of key HRSA activities at the national level.

CategoryItemValueAs Of
Active NHSC ProvidersTotal Active Providers7,14411/23/2014
 (by Provider Type)  
  --> NHSC Loan Repayor6,69111/23/2014
  --> NHSC Scholar45311/23/2014
 (by Provider Discipline)  
  --> Dental Care1,04711/23/2014
  --> Mental Health2,58311/23/2014
  --> Primary Care3,51411/23/2014
Open NHSC JobsTotal Positions3,56011/23/2014
 (by Discipline)  
  --> Dental Care: Dentist29411/23/2014
  --> Dental Care: Registered Dental Hygienist1411/23/2014
  --> Mental Health: Health Service Psychologist14911/23/2014
  --> Mental Health: Licensed Clinical Social Worker30911/23/2014
  --> Mental Health: Licensed Professional Counselor21111/23/2014
  --> Mental Health: Marriage and Family Therapist4311/23/2014
  --> Mental Health: Nurse Practitioner (Specialty Psychiatry)13211/23/2014
  --> Mental Health: Physician25011/23/2014
  --> Mental Health: Physician Assistant (Specialty Psychiatry)1011/23/2014
  --> Mental Health: Psychiatric Nurse Specialist4711/23/2014
  --> Primary Care: Certified Nurse Midwife1811/23/2014
  --> Primary Care: Nurse Practitioner33311/23/2014
  --> Primary Care: Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant26311/23/2014
  --> Primary Care: Physician1,36111/23/2014
  --> Primary Care: Physician Assistant8011/23/2014



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Map Gallery

Easy access to preformatted, non-interactive maps supplied in PDF format.

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) maps include the locations of open job opportunities and the current distribution of NHSC personnel.

BCRS NHSC Job Opportunities
BCRS NHSC Total Provider FTEs
BCRS NHSC Total Provider FTEs With BG image

Quick Maps

Simple, interactive maps intended for viewing current data at the national, regional, or state level.

  • As of November 22, 2014, there are 7,147 active National Health Service Corps (NHSC) clinicians caring for people who live in areas where health care is hard to find, which are known as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).
  • In exchange for financial assistance through NHSC scholarships and student loan repayment programs, more than 28,000 clinicians have served in economically deprived and geographically isolated communities in America over the past 35 years.
  • As of November 22, 2014, there are 1,363 National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Primary Care: Physician job openings.
  • As of November 22, 2014, there are 151 National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Mental Health: Health Service Psychologist job openings.
  • As of November 22, 2014, there are 263 National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Primary Care: Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant job openings.