U. S. Department of Health & Human Services

About the HRSA Data Warehouse

The HRSA Data Warehouse provides maps, data, reports and dashboard to the public. Our data integrates with external sources, such as the U.S. Census Bureau, providing information about HRSA’s grants, loan and scholarship programs, health centers and other public health programs and services.

You can:

  • Analyze, sort, and filter data on interactive dashboards
  • Access preformatted charts, maps, and reports
  • See what HRSA is doing in your state, county, region, and congressional district
  • View and compare data by geography, by topic, and by HRSA program area
  • Download data for research and analysis
  • Connect to HRSA data from third party applications through map services and web services
  • Create custom maps and reports
  • Embed widgets on any website to provide access to HRSA data
  • Locate HRSA’s health centers and other HRSA-supported programs and services