U. S. Department of Health & Human Services

Data Refresh Dates

The HDW contains data from multiple source systems within HRSA and from external sources. These data are refreshed as the source data are available. The table below offers the following information about the data:

  • Data Set – provides the name of the data set
  • Data Type – indicates whether the data is tabular or spatial
  • Date of Source Data – provides the refresh date of the source data
  • Date Refreshed – indicates the date that the HDW refreshed the data
  • Refresh Cycle – shows how often the data is refreshed. The refresh cycle may change periodically, as data availability is subject to change.

Please note that data refreshed daily are the previous day’s data from HRSA transactional source systems. Visit the Data Sources page for more information about where data sets are available in the HDW.

Click on a column heading to sort the results in ascending or descending order.

Data SetTabular Data RefreshSpatial Data RefreshRefresh CycleDate Of Source Data
340B Drug Pricing Program Covered Entities2017/06/25n/aDaily2017/06/25
American Community Survey (ACS)2017/03/10n/aWhen Available2016/12/02
Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) - Programs and Centers2017/04/282017/04/28When Available2016/03/31
Area Health Resources Files (AHRF)2016/08/06n/aAnnually2016/07/25
Census 2010 Summary File 12017/05/12n/aWhen Available2016/12/31
Congressional Districts2017/05/102017/04/08Monthly2017/05/02
Federal Landsn/a2000/11/01When Available2000/11/01
FORHP Rural Areasn/a2015/12/30When Available2015/12/30
Health Center Controlled Network2017/06/252017/06/25Daily2017/06/25
Health Center Service Delivery Sites2017/06/252017/06/25Daily2017/06/25
Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA)2017/06/252017/06/25Daily2017/06/25
Health Systems (CMS - Provider of Services File)2017/05/102017/05/10Quarterly2017/04/02
Health Systems (CMS HCRIS Hospital Cost Report File)2017/05/10n/aQuarterly2017/03/31
HHS Regionsn/a2003/10/23When Available2003/10/23
HRSA Grants2017/06/252017/06/25Daily2017/06/25
Indian Lands and Native Entitiesn/a2017/06/16When Available2016/06/01
Medically Underserved Areas/Populations (MUA/P)2017/06/252017/06/25Daily2017/06/25
Metropolitan Statistical Areasn/a2016/05/13When Available2015/12/31
Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Center2017/06/092017/06/09Annually2016/12/31
National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Awards2017/06/25n/aDaily2017/06/25
National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Job Opportunities2017/06/252017/06/25Daily2017/06/25
National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Providers2017/06/252017/06/25Daily2017/06/25
NURSE Corps Program (NCP)2017/06/25n/aDaily2017/06/25
Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) State Registries2017/05/19n/aMonthly2017/05/12
Organ Procurement Organizations2013/11/05n/aSemi-annually2013/08/29
Organ Procurement Organizations - Office Locationsn/a2013/11/05Semi-annually2013/08/29
Organ Procurement Organizations - Service Areasn/a2013/11/05Semi-annually2013/08/29
Organ Transplant Programs2013/11/052013/11/05Semi-annually2013/08/29
Primary Care Service Areas2015/01/302015/01/30When Available2013/09/17
Ryan White CARE Act Providers of Ambulatory/Outpatient Medical Care2016/06/242016/06/24Annually2016/05/16
Ryan White HIV/AIDS Recipients and Sub-Recipients2017/04/072017/04/07Annually2015/12/31
Uniform Data System (UDS)2016/08/29n/aAnnually2016/08/29
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Facilitiesn/a2016/01/01When Available2016/01/01