U. S. Department of Health & Human Services

Map Gallery Help

Map Gallery maps are displayed by topic. When you choose a topic on the left side of the screen, the available maps for that topic display in the main page area. Details shown include the map title and a brief description of the map (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

Screenshot of map gallery page highlighting features


Each map has an “Expand [+]” link below the description (see Figure 2). Click on it to see more details about that map, including:

  • The source (or sources) of the data and the date that it was last updated
  • An “i” icon beside the data that you can hover over to see the metadata for that dataset (see figure 3)
  • A link to view the data in a tabular or text view
  • Options to share the map via social media or email

Figure 2

Screenshot of map gallery showing expanded content


Figure 3

Screenshot of map gallery data source metadata


To view or download the PDF of the map, simply click on the map title. The map will open in a new browser tab (see Figure 4). Users can save the map for offline use.

Figure 4

Screenshot of map gallery PDF