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Primary Dataset: All HRSA Grants - Awarded - 2018

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 Grantee NameGrant NumberHRSA Key ProgramCounty NameState AbbreviationGrant Activity CodeProgram NameFinancial AssistanceAward Year
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Adams County Public Hospital District #2D04RH31628Rural HealthAdams CountyWAD04Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program (D04)$199,625.002018
Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana IncD06RH28032Rural HealthMarion CountyIND06Rural Health Network Development Program (D06)$300,000.002018
AGRICULTURE, TEXAS DEPARTMENT OFH3HRH26522Rural HealthTravis CountyTXH3HSmall Rural Hospital Improvement Program (H3H)$1,118,700.002018
AGRICULTURE, TEXAS DEPARTMENT OFH95RH26523Rural HealthTravis CountyTXH95State Offices of Rural Health (H95)$179,270.002018
Alecto Healthcare Services Martin's Ferry LLCH37RH31660Rural HealthBelmont CountyOHH37Black Lung/Coal Miner Clinics Program (H37)$359,197.002018
ALVEOLI CORPORATIONH37RH00067Rural HealthWashington CountyPAH37Black Lung/Coal Miner Clinics Program (H37)$434,704.002018
ARCARED04RH31629Rural HealthWoodruff CountyARD04Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program (D04)$200,000.002018
ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHH95RH00101Rural HealthPulaski CountyARH95State Offices of Rural Health (H95)$179,270.002018
ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHH3HRH00020Rural HealthPulaski CountyARH3HSmall Rural Hospital Improvement Program (H3H)$351,349.002018
ARKANSAS RURAL HEALTH PARTNERSHIPD04RH31630Rural HealthChicot CountyARD04Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program (D04)$200,000.002018
AROOSTOOK COUNTY ACTION PROGRAMD04RH31769Rural HealthAroostook CountyMED04Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program (D04)$200,000.002018
Association of State & Provincial Psychology BoardH1MRH24096Rural HealthFayette CountyGAH1MLicensure Portability Grant Program (H1M)$250,000.002018
AVERA HEALTHH2ARH30287Rural HealthLincoln CountySDH2ATelehealth Network Grant Program (H2A)$300,000.002018
BAPTIST HEALTH FOUNDATION CORBIN, INC.H2ARH30288Rural HealthWhitley CountyKYH2ATelehealth Network Grant Program (H2A)$300,000.002018
BARTON HEALTHCARE SYSTEMD06RH31031Rural HealthEl Dorado CountyCAD06Rural Health Network Development Program (D06)$300,000.002018
BAY RIVERS TELEHEALTH ALLIANCED04RH31770Rural HealthEssex CountyVAD04Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program (D04)$200,000.002018
BAY RIVERS TELEHEALTH ALLIANCEH2ARH30289Rural HealthEssex CountyVAH2ATelehealth Network Grant Program (H2A)$299,999.002018
BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NETWORK OF VERMONT, INC.D06RH27764Rural HealthWashington CountyVTD06Rural Health Network Development Program (D06)$299,979.002018
BEN ARCHER HEALTH CENTER, INC.H2ARH30290Rural HealthDona Ana CountyNMH2ATelehealth Network Grant Program (H2A)$300,000.002018
BI-STATE PRIMARY CARE ASSOCIATION, INC.D04RH31631Rural HealthMerrimack CountyNHD04Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program (D04)$199,997.002018


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