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Preformatted Reports - Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary report is a comprehensive compendium that contains detailed information on all data elements contained in the HRSA Data Warehouse (HGW). The HDW contains a variety of data in many tables. Each entry in the report contains the following information about a single element: business name, definition, formula, data restrictions, business rules, organization, update frequency, physical name, data type, domain, synonyms, and date of last update. The elements are sorted on business name.

Select filter options from the list below to set criteria for the content of the records returned in the report. For most reports, filtering the report content to focus on specific geographic areas of interest or other filter criteria will return results faster than running the report without filters. Without filters applied, the approximate file size for this report is 6.5 MB. Without filters applied, the approximate download time for this report is 2 minutes

Please note that selecting no filters can cause long response times. To remove a filter, please use the delete icon in the filter summary table below the filter list. To edit filter values, please use the edit icon in the filter summary table below the filter list.

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