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HRSA’s HIV/AIDS programs work with cities, states and local community-based organizations to provide HIV-related services to more than a half million people each year. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides HIV-related services in the United States for those who do not have sufficient health care coverage or financial resources for coping with HIV disease. The program fills gaps in care not met by other payers.

The HRSA Data Warehouse (HDW) allows users to interact with data in charts, tables/reports, maps, and tools. Visit the Data Sources and Refresh Dates page for more information about where HIV/AIDS data is available in the HDW. These data sets include grants, Ryan White CARE act providers of ambulatory/outpatient medical care, and Ryan White HIV/AIDS grantees and subgrantees.

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Display high-level summary information about HRSA’s activities and can be used as a starting point for obtaining more detailed information.


Data Portal and Preformatted Reports

Select, sort, export and view available data by spreadsheet or preformatted reports.

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Visually explore HRSA-specific information, health resources, and demographic data.

Map Gallery

Easy access to preformatted, non-interactive maps supplied in PDF format.

Active Ryan White HIV/AIDS Bureau Grants by Program

Active Grants - HIV/ AIDS Bureau (HAB)

This map displays the geographic distribution of active grants managed by HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB).

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Data Sources

  • HRSA Grants   
    as of 8/19/2018

Text view of data

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