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HRSA at a Glance

HRSA at a Glance provides national-level summaries of data about HRSA’s activities, including HRSA active grants, Health Center Service Delivery Sites (HCSD), Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA), Medically Underserved Areas/Populations (MUA/P), National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Service Providers, and Rural Health Areas. HRSA at a Glance also includes data from the U.S. Census and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Providers of Services to provide additional national level information.

The HRSA Data Warehouse (HDW) allows users to interact with data in charts, tables/reports, maps, and tools. Visit the Data Sources and Refresh Dates page for more information about the datasets included in HRSA at a Glance.

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Display high-level summary information about HRSA’s activities and can be used as a starting point for obtaining more detailed information.

Data Table

Summary table of key HRSA activities at the national level.

CategoryItemValueAs Of
GrantsActive Grants6,34411/17/2017
  --> Grantees with Active Grants2,83811/17/2017
  --> Total Funding to Active Grants$ 17,076,728,91611/17/2017
  --> Current FY Awards (to date, all grants)$ 118,444,20111/17/2017
  --> Previous FY Awards (complete FY, all grants)$ 9,250,048,82211/17/2017
Health Center Administrative Sites 73011/17/2017
Health Center Service Delivery Sites 11,06311/17/2017
Health Center Look-Alike Administrative Sites 1211/17/2017
Health Center Look-Alike Service Delivery Sites 26211/17/2017
Designated HPSAsTotal Designated HPSAs17,57011/17/2017
 (by Discipline)  
  --> Dental Health5,73511/17/2017
  --> Mental Health4,85511/17/2017
  --> Primary Care6,98011/17/2017
Active NHSC ProvidersTotal Active Providers8,57511/17/2017
 (by Provider Type)  
  --> NHSC Loan Repayor7,96711/17/2017
  --> NHSC S2S19911/17/2017
  --> NHSC Scholar40911/17/2017
 (by Provider Discipline)  
  --> Dental Health1,38311/17/2017
  --> Mental Health3,10611/17/2017
  --> Primary Care4,07511/17/2017
Open NHSC JobsTotal Positions3,47411/17/2017
 (by Discipline)  
  --> Dental Care: Dentist32411/17/2017
  --> Dental Care: Registered Dental Hygienist3511/17/2017
  --> Mental Health: Health Service Psychologist10411/17/2017
  --> Mental Health: Licensed Clinical Social Worker28311/17/2017
  --> Mental Health: Licensed Professional Counselor15511/17/2017
  --> Mental Health: Marriage and Family Therapist4011/17/2017
  --> Mental Health: Nurse Practitioner (Specialty Psychiatry)11511/17/2017
  --> Mental Health: Physician13311/17/2017
  --> Mental Health: Physician Assistant911/17/2017
  --> Mental Health: Psychiatric Nurse Specialist6611/17/2017
  --> Primary Care: Certified Nurse Midwife3511/17/2017
  --> Primary Care: Nurse Practitioner52511/17/2017
  --> Primary Care: Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant111/17/2017
  --> Primary Care: Physician1,39211/17/2017
  --> Primary Care: Physician Assistant25711/17/2017
Medically Underserved Areas / PopulationsDesignated Medically Underserved Areas / Populations4,23111/17/2017